2.3.X | Panoramas

0. About

As of v1.6.0, FancyMenu supports loading custom 6-image panorama cubes as background for menus!

NOTE: "6-image panoramas" are a special cubic panorama format used by Minecraft as background in the main menu.

1. Making a Panorama

NOTE: If you're on Windows, don't forget to turn on file extensions!

If you don't know how Minecraft handles their background panoramas and how to create these, you should check out this video.
It will give you a very good understanding of how MC panoramas work and how to make one!

After watching the video, you will notice that creating MC panoramas can be a bit time-consuming.
To save you some time, maybe think about using a mod that creates these panoramas for you.
You can find some of them by searching for minecraft panorama mod, but one of them is Panoramica (made by me).

2. Preparing The Panorama

After you got your 6 panorama images, you'll need to put them at the right place!

FancyMenu's panorama directory is located at .minecraft/config/fancymenu/panoramas.
This is the directory for all panoramas that you want to use in the mod.

2.1. The Panorama Folder

Every panorama has its own folder.
You will need to create a new folder in .minecraft/config/fancymenu/panoramas if you want to add a new panorama.
In my example, I will name the folder mypanorama.


2.2. Folder Content

After creating the folder, you will need to fill it.

2.2.1. Properties File

Every panorama needs a properties file to work.
This file always needs to be named properties.txt and needs some important things written to it:

The content of a panorama properties file should always look like this:

type = panorama

panorama-meta {
  name = name_of_your_panorama
  speed = 1.0
  fov = 85.0
  angle = 25.0

Only the variables inside the panorama-meta section can be changed!


This has to be the unique name of your panorama.
It's not possible to load two panoramas with the same name!
You will use this name later to identify your panorama.


The speed at which your panorama rotates.
This value is a speed multiplicator. For example, 1.0 is default speed, 2.0 doubles the speed and 0.5 will half it.
Negative values are not supported, use decimal values to slow the speed.


The field of view.
The default FOV is 85.0.
Using too big or small values here will break the panorama. Just play around with it to find the FOV you want.


The vertical angle at which the panorama is viewed.
The default angle is 25.0.

2.2.2. Panorama Image Folder

The second mandatory thing your panorama folder needs is the actual image folder containing your panorama images.

This folder needs to be named just panorama.

Put all your panorama frames in it, but don't forget to name them correctly like shown in the video above!


NOTE: Only PNGs are supported as panorama images!

2.2.3. Panorama Overlay

The last step is optional and can be skipped if you don't want an overlay over your panorama.

If you want to add a vignette or other types of overlays to your panorama, you can add one named 'overlay.png'.
Keep in mind that only PNG is supported for the overlay and that the file name always needs to be 'overlay.png'!

2.2.4. The Final Product

You should now have a folder located at .minecraft/config/fancymenu/panoramas, containing a properties.txt file, another folder named panorama and maybe an overlay named overlay.png.


3. Using The Panorama

After reloading the game via the Reload button or restarting it, you should be able to use your panorama in the Layout Editor (Background Options).