2.3.X | Custom Window Icon

0. About

As of v1.4, FancyMenu supports setting a custom Minecraft window icon.

1. Setting Up a Custom Icon

  • To set a custom icon, you first need to make two versions of your icon image.
    The first one needs to be 16x16 pixels and the second one 32x32 pixels.

NOTE: Only PNG images are supported.

NOTE: Due to a weird bug, icon images may look glitched in the final view. If that's the case, try to make one pixel in all four corners of the image 100% transparent. This is a really weird bug I currently try to fix.

  • In the next step, you need to rename your icon files.
    The 16x16 icon needs to be named icon16x16.png and the 32x32 icon icon32x32.png.

  • Now you have to navigate to FancyMenu's custom icon folder. This folder is located at .minecraft/config/fancymenu/minecraftwindow/icons.
    Copy your icon files to this directory.

  • The last step is to enable the Custom Window Icon option in the FancyMenu settings.

  • Now (re)start your game and stare at your success for a minimum of 5 minutes!