2.0.X | FancyMenu Slang


This page explains some of the commonly used special terms of FancyMenu.

Terms and its Meanings


Layouts are (mostly bundled) customizations you apply to a menu screen. For example, when you move a button, add an image and save these customizations, they will be saved to a layout.

Layout File

Layout files are files that contain all important informations for a layout. These files will be automatically generated by the Layout Editor.

Layout Editor

The Layout Editor is a fully functional GUI to create and edit your Minecraft menus. No special knowledge is needed, you can think about it like a Paint for Minecraft menus.

Customization Actions

Customization actions are basically all customizations you can use to modify a menu.
For example, when you move a button, you're using the movebutton customization action.
You will not really notice this, because the Layout Editor is handling all actions for you, but trust me, they are there!

Button Actions

Button actions are used to specify what a custom button should do when clicking it.

Menu Identifier

FancyMenu identifies menus by its "menu identifier". These identifiers are unique, a menu will never have the same identifier as another one. Menu identifiers are generated by FancyMenu using the internal paths and names of menus.
That's why they can be different for different versions of Minecraft and mods, because these internal names getting changed from time to time.
For example, most of the menu identifiers for MC 1.12 are different to the menu identifiers in MC 1.13+.

You can get the menu identifier for a menu by using the Menu Info tool in the Customization Helper.