2.0.X | Custom GUIs


As of version 1.4, FancyMenu supports creating custom GUIs, displaying them by clicking a button or overriding game menus with them.

Creating a Custom GUI

To create a new GUI, navigate to the Custom GUIs tab in the Customization Helper and click on New.


This will open a popup where you can set all important stuff for your new GUI.

Menu Identifier

This is the unique identifier for your menu.
It is needed when you want to open your GUI with a custom button later or when you want to override a menu with it.

Menu Title

The menu title is optional and will be shown at the top of your menu, just like in many vanilla menus.

Allow ESC

Enabling this will allow users to close your menu by pressing the ESC key.

Adding Content to Custom GUIs

Custom GUIs can be filled with content just like you customize normal Minecraft menus!
Just create a new layout for it!

Managing Custom GUIs

You can open and delete your custom GUIs in the Custom GUIs tab of the Customization Helper.

Using Custom GUIs

There are currently two ways to use custom GUIs.

The first one is using the opencustomgui button action of custom buttons.
This allows you to open a custom GUI by clicking a button.

The second one is overriding an existing menu with your custom GUI.
This is not recommended and should only be done when there is now way to edit a menu using layouts.