2.0.X | Animations


You can make your own animations and display them as menu backgrounds or gif-like animations in menus.

Just think about all the memes you can put in menus with this!

Getting started

NOTE: If you're on Windows, don't forget to turn on file extensions!

Every animation has to be in its own folder inside the animations directory located at .minecraft/config/fancymenu/animations/.


To make an animation getting recognized as this by the system, it needs to have a properties file located in its home directory. So if you've named your animation folder "myanimation" (this is your animation home directory), the properties file should be located at .minecraft/config/fancymenu/animations/myanimation/properties.txt.
This file always needs to be named properties.txt!
For now, only create the blank properties file and move on to the next step. We will fill the file with content later.


The actual animation part comes now. There are two ways to get FancyMenu to play your animation.

First Way: Using Individual Frame Images

You can feed FancyMenu with frame images, which means you split your animation to its individual frames, so you have every frame of the animation as individual image.

All frames of your animation have to be in a folder named animation inside the home directory of your animation (same directory as where the properties.txt file is located at).


These frame images always need to be named like 1.png, 2.png, 3.png and so on, using only numbers as names without any letters, to get displayed in the correct order.


Valid file types for frame images are PNG and JPEG/JPG.

Second Way: Using GIFs

NOTE: The animation loading time of GIFs is higher than for separated frames!
It's not recommended to load big GIF files as animations.

The faster way to setup animations is by using GIF files. Of course this will be the faster way, but it will probably result in a much higher quality loss too, because GIFs are known for its limited color support and pixel artifacts.

To use a GIF as your animation, just do the same as when creating animations with individual frames, but instead of creating an animation folder, you just name your GIF file animation.gif and put it to the home directory of your animation (same directory as where the properties.txt file is located at).


Animation Intros

NOTE: This is an optional step and not needed for the animation to work.

If you want to add some "intro" frames to your animation, which will be played before the actual main animation starts, you can do it like you did it with the main animation above.
Intros only play one single time at the beginning of an animation. They will not be repeated, even if the animation is in loop mode.
You can replay the intro everytime the animation gets reloaded (when the animation gets displayed), by adding replayintro = true to your animation properties file. Otherwise, it will only play the very first time.

Using Individual Frames

Just create a folder in the home directory of your animation, name it intro and put all your intro frames in it (exactly like how you've put your frame images in the animation folder).

Using a GIF

Same as with individual frames, but instead of creating an intro folder, name your intro GIF file intro.gif and put it to the home directory of your animation.

Adding Audio

NOTE: This is an optional step and not needed for the animation to work.

You don't just want a boring animation? Fine! How about adding some audio to it? If you want to have audio files played along with your animation, just create an audio folder in the home directory of your animation and put your WAV sound files in it! The audio file for the main animation have to be named mainaudio.wav and the audio for the intro introaudio.wav. Always keep in mind that only WAV files are supported.


Animation audio files will repeat at the same point your animation get repeated (if the animation is in loop mode). This means, your audio will stop and start again from the beginning when your animation ends. You should only use animation audios for simple sounds like rain, fire and so on. Simple ambient sounds. It is not recommended to use animation audios as background music for menus. You should better add the audio directly to your menu then.

Setting up the animation

After you've prepared your animation folder with a properties.txt file and all your animation frames or your animation GIFs, you're almost done, but you still have to fill your blank properties.txt file with some important stuff.

The basic layout of every animation properties file should be:

name = friendly_mushroom
loop = true
fps = 24
width = 1920
height = 1080
x = 0
y = 0
replayintro = true

All available animation variables are used in the example above.


The most important variable of this file is the name variable.
This is the unique name of your animation. The system needs this to identify your animation.
The animation name needs to be unique. It is not possible to name two animations the same.


The loop variable is used to specify if the animation is looped like a usual GIF or just plays one time and stops at the last frame.
If loop is set to false, the last frame of the animation is displayed permanently after it finished playing.


The fps variable defines the "frames per second" of your animation. This means, how much of your animation frames will be played in one second. A smaller number will slow down your animation, a bigger one will speed it up. You should always try to set the correct FPS value for your animation, otherwise it will either play too fast or too slowly.

NOTE: Setting the FPS variable for a GIF animation will do nothing. FancyManu will always use the GIF's original FPS.


replayintro is used to determine if the animation should replay its intro everytime it gets loaded (along with a menu) or if it should only play one time and then never again.


Other variables like width or height are pretty much self-explaining, so I save you some time and will not write about every single one in detail.

Using the animation

If you're done with preparing and setting-up your animation, you can use it in the Layout Editor as element and menu background!

NOTE: Don't forget to restart your game after you've edited an animation or added a new one, because animations are only loaded when the game starts!