1.7.X | Customization Helper


The customization helper contains everything you can do ingame with FancyMenu.

All of these features are reachable by using the small menu in the upper-right corner of your menus.


The Reload Button

This button reloads the currently displayed menu to apply changes made to customization files (layouts).
It also reloads the mod config (allowing you to change config settings without restarting the game), updates button scripts and more.

It does not apply changes made to animations.
You have to restart your game after changing or creating animations.

Using the Customization Helper

The "Customization" button is a dropdown-menu containing many features to manage and customize your menu screens, allows you to create custom GUIs and much more!

(The image can be different from how this menu looks like now!)

Customization On/Off

The first option in the customization dropdown toggles the customization system for the current menu.
By default, all menus are disabled and will not show any layouts and customizations you create for them.
To change this for a menu, simply switch this option to On by leftclicking it.
Now you will be able to click the previously disabled buttons in the dropdown and you can customize this menu.

Customization Toggle

Menu Info

This feature will show you the menu identifier for the current menu, in the upper-left corner of the menu.

You can leftclick the menu identifier to copy it to your clipboard.


Button Info

This one, when activated by clicking on it, will show you useful informations about a vanilla button, when you hover over it.


Create Layout

This button will open the layout editor allowing you to create your own layout for the currently displayed menu in a fully functional GUI editor.


Edit Layouts

Just like the "Create Layout" button, this one will open the layout editor and allows you to edit the active layouts for the currently displayed menu.

Manage Layouts

This menu will show you all layouts for the currently displayed menu.
It includes both active and inactive/deactivated layouts.

You can toggle them on and off and delete layouts you no longer need.

Create GUI

This option can be used to create a custom GUI base.


Custom GUIs

This button will open a popup menu containing all custom GUIs you've created.
Here you can manage your custom GUIs. You can delete unwanted GUIs or open one to customize it with the layout editor.
It's possible that you have too much GUIs to display in this list. In this case you can use the "Open By Name" and "Delete By Name" buttons at the top of the GUI popup menu.

Custom GUIs

Override With

This feature allows you to override the currently displayed menu with one of your custom GUIs.
This menu will be empty if you do not have any custom GUIs.

Override With

If you have to many custom GUIs to display all of them in the popup menu, you can use the "Pick By Name" option to manually choose a custom GUI by its name.