1.6.X | Mod Configuration


FancyMenu's config is filled with various options to customize the behaviour of the mod itself, but it also has special options for specific menus like the main menu, which aren't possible with customization files.

Where to Find the Config

The config.txt file is located at ".minecraft/config/fancymenu/config.txt".

If you don't know how to find the .minecraft folder, please take a look at this minecraft wiki page.

Categories and its Variables


Variable Default Assignable values Description
showcustomizationbuttons true true/false Shows FancyMenu's customization buttons (Button Info, Menu Info, Reload) on top of every supported menu.
softmode false true/false Maximizes mod compatibility by disabling background customization support for scrollable menus like the singleplayer and multiplayer menus.
legacybuttonids false true/false Enables the old button ID system. NOT RECOMMENDED!


Variable Default Assignable values Description
hidebranding true true/false Hides the branding text in the bottom-left corner of the main menu.
hidelogo false true/false Hides the default minecraft logo in the main menu.
hiderealmsnotifications false true/false Hides the notification indicators shown at the left side of the "Realms" button.
showmainmenufooter true true/false Shows the text footer (Discover more..) added by FancyMenu in the main menu.
hideforgenotifications false true/false Hides all forge notifications like the beta warning or the forge update notification.
copyrightposition bottom-right top-left, top-centered, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-centered, bottom-right Sets the position of the copyright notice.

Mainmenu Splash

Variable Default Assignable values Description
hidesplashtext false true/false If the splash text should be hidden or not.
splashrotation -20 The rotation value. Sets the rotation for the splash text.
splashoffsetx 0 The X offset. Sets the horizontal offset based on the original splash text position.
splashoffsety 0 The Y offset. Sets the vertical offset based on the original splash text position.


Variable Default Assignable values Description
gameintroanimation [empty] The animation name. Specify an animation (by the name you gave the animation in its properties) which should play as intro before the main menu is displayed. (Like all the cool games out there)
loadingscreendarkmode false true/false Enables the loadingscreen darkmode. ONLY FOR MC 1.14 AND UP!
showanimationloadingstatus true true/false When enabled, the animation loading screen will show detailed information about the loading process.
allowgameintroskip true true/false If the user can skip the game intro by pressing SPACE or not.
customgameintroskiptext [empty] Custom skip text. Set a custom skip text.
loadinganimationcolor Default hex color code Hex color code (#FFFFFFFF) A custom color for the animation loading screen indicator.

Minecraft Window

Variable Default Assignable values Description
customwindowtitle [empty] Custom window title. Specify a custom minecraft window title.
customwindowicon false true/false Enables custom minecraft window icons.


Variable Default Assignable values Description
enablehotkeys true true/false If FancyMenu's hotkeys should be enabled or not. A restart is needed after changing this value. Disabling this option will completely remove the FancyMenu section from minecraft's controls menu.
playmenumusic true true/false Enable or disable the default minecraft menu music.
playbackgroundsounds true true/false Enable or disable the menu background sounds added by FancyMenu.
defaultguiscale -1 GUI scale A default GUI scale that will be set on first launch. Useful for modpacks. Cache data is saved in /mods/fancymenu/.
showdebugwarnings true true/false If FancyMenu should print warnings to the game log. Errors are not affected by this.

Layout Editor

Variable Default Assignable values Description
showvanillamovewarning true true/false Enable or disable the warning notification when trying to move an orientation-less vanilla button in the layout editor.