1.6.X | Custom GUIs


As of version 1.4, FancyMenu supports creating custom GUIs, displaying them by clicking a button or overriding game menus with them.

NOTE: This documentation page is focused on manually creating custom GUIs. If you don't want to do this, you can create a custom GUI ingame by clicking on the "Customization" button in the top-right corner of menus and click on "Create GUI".

Creating a Custom GUI

To manually create a custom GUI, navigate to FancyMenu's GUI directory at ".minecraft/config/fancymenu/customguis".

Create a new TXT file in this directory, name it as you want and open it.
This file is your GUI base.
Here you can define important basic variables for your GUI.

NOTE: Some GUI base variables are mandatory. Without defining all mandatory variables, the GUI will not load!

Variable Assignable values Mandatory Description Examples
identifier The menu identifier. Yes This is your UNIQUE custom GUI identifier. This identifier works the same like identifiers of normal minecraft menus. identifier = mycoolmenu
title The GUI title. No Specifies the GUI title displayed at top of the GUI. Leaving this blank/not defining it can be used if no title should be displayed. title = My Cool Menu
allowesc true/false No If your GUI should be closeable by pressing ESC. allowesc = false

A working GUI base file can look like this:

identifier = mycoolmenu
title = My Cool Menu
allowesc = false

After preparing your custom GUI base, just click on the "Reload" button in the top-right corner of menus and the new GUI will be loaded without restarting the game!

Adding Content to Custom GUIs

Custom GUIs can be filled with content just like you customize normal minecraft menus!

Just create a customization file for your GUI and use its identifier as menu identifier.

NOTE: You can edit custom GUIs ingame with the layout creator!

Displaying Custom GUIs

There are two ways to display custom GUIs.

The first one is using the opencustomgui button action of custom buttons.

The second one is overriding an existing menu with your custom GUI by using the overridemenu customization action.

NOTE: You can force-close custom GUIs by clicking on the "Customize" button in the top-right corner of menus to open the dropdown menu and clicking on "Close GUI" to leave this GUI, even if you've set allowesc to false.